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Achieve: our mission

AtC schools do not “belong” to the Trust they belong to their communities! In 50 years time, all those who currently work in the Achievement through Collaboration schools will have moved on. What footprint do those of us here today need to leave?

What will be the legacy of the Trust for the communities of our schools?

Achieve: our mission

At Achievement through Collaboration we work together with children at the heart of everything we do! 

Our aim, as individual schools within a collaborative community, is to ensure all of our children achieve the highest standards possible; being mindful that achievement is so much more than the collection of test outcomes.  We want our children to be prepared to fully participate in life in modern Britain and beyond. To be empowered and inspired to help shape a world where well-being and sustainability are possible for themselves and for others.  We want our children to be part of a culture where any child no matter what background, no matter what barriers can thrive. 

In short- we want our children, staff, schools and communities to achieve, belong and collaborate.


We ensure all children have the knowledge, skills and character to shape future success for themselves and their world.

At AtC we:

• Place value on fully developing each child’s potential, recognising and valuing all learning. We are inclusive and strive for equity for every child.

• Ensure our pupils are enabled with powerful knowledge and empowered through transformational competencies. So that they are equipped to overcome any barrier to a successful future.

• Prepare our pupils for life in modern Britain, that they lead fulfilling lives and remain lifelong learners.


We are individual schools; united through common purpose and shared values

At AtC we:

• Value the identities, heritage and cultures of each of our children, adults and schools building a culture of belonging where individuals and groups flourish and contribute to each other’s successful future.

• Codify how we work together through our values and purpose. Schools retain the individuality to serve their different communities whilst also demonstrating that they work in trust with the other members of Achievement through Collaboration.

• Communicate the Trust’s values and purpose through leaders and governors service to schools and their communities. Their behavioural norms define what it is to belong to Achievement through Collaboration


We share good practice, support schools, provide opportunities for children, staff and our communities

At AtC we:

• Build nurturing, respectful relationships with each other ensuring an environment that puts children first: every child no matter what background, no matter what barriers.

• Mobilise the best research and evidence to focus relentlessly on knowledge-building so that every staff member in every school is as good as they can be in what they do and how they do it.

• Draw upon the diversity within the Trust to overcome the barriers of bias, stereotyping and discrimination, building cohesive communities.