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Achieving our promise

At Achievement through Collaboration every child can expect to

  • Achieve high standards – remembering that achievement is more than a collection of academic outcomes

  • Be valued and celebrated for who they are

  • Work with children from other schools to develop a better understanding of the world in which they live

At Achievement through Collaboration every staff member can expect to

  • Be enabled to become an excellent professional with a rewarding, fulfilling career

  • Develop a sense of belonging to a community of schools in which they make a difference

  • Work with colleagues across the Trust and share good practice

At Achievement through Collaboration every school can expect

  • That achievement will always be measured against ambitious targets

  • To belong to a supportive and caring culture in which their individuality is valued

  • To be both capacity givers and receivers in the school improvement system

At Achievement through Collaboration every parent can expect that

  • Children will always be put first so that all children can achieve highly

  • The history, ethos and individuality of the schools their children attend will be nurtured

  • Through collaboration with others and through the use of new technologies, children will be prepared for life in modern Britain