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Achieving our strategic plan

To ensure that Achievement through Collaboration is well placed to make a significant contribution to improving attainment at Key Stage 2 and Key Stage 4, as well as improving outcomes for young people more widely the focus areas of our strategic plan align with the widely, recognised indicators of “strong trusts”

Key Issue 1:  Governance

The Trust has a clear moral purpose to enable schools to work together to improve education outcomes for all of its pupils and as a result have a positive impact upon the communities they come from. Social justice and public service are key drivers within the Trust. As is the desire of Trustees to ensure the right levels of support and challenge that enable schools to retain the ability to operate in a manner that best serves their individual communities. 

Through our strategic plan we aim to further develop the professional knowledge, understanding and insight within governance at all levels. We will review schemes of delegation ensuring clarity about Trustees and governors’ roles, responsibilities and lines of accountability 

Key Issue 2: Quality of education

Key Issue 3: Service to schools

The Trust has a well established central team who have clearly defined roles. They understand the importance of providing excellent service and value for money to schools.  Each team member is committed to ensuring that they remove as much administrative burden from Leaders in school, enabling them to better focus on strategic outcomes  ensuring effective provision for their pupils, staff and communities.

To enable leaders in school to focus on their core educational purpose we will regularly monitor and evaluate the services we offer. We will focus on developing high performing staff by continually developing and supporting our people, so they have the highest level of technical, leadership and coaching skills and knowledge.We will always emphasise the importance of the health, wellbeing, care and empowerment of our people.

Key Issue 4: Sustainability

Multi Academy trusts have the single purpose to advance education or the public good. Achievement through Collaboration has a moral duty therefore to ensure that it uses its finances to ensure that the Trust uses its resources to provide excellent education through a sustainable model. We acknowledge that our staff are our best asset and we strive to ensure that we recruit and retain high calibre staff alongside providing the development they need to enable our children to achieve highly.  Resources must be used prudently to meet the needs of our current learners whilst ensuring the longevity of the Trust’s schools (their staff, buildings and budgets) for the future of the communities we serve.  

The Trust will make the considered decisions that ensure the value for money and propriety essential to secure a financially viable and sustainable multi-academy trust.   Any decision making will be within a risk management framework that pays close attention to the Trusts legal and moral obligations whilst seeking to proactively manage risk in a reflective manner with systems that act as safety nets not straight jackets.

Key Issue 5: Quality Assurance

As a Trust we operate within an accountability framework that encompasses the regulatory  control of Ofsted’s Inspection framework, the requirements of Regional directors but most importantly our own vision and mission.   

Quality assurance at Achievement through Collaboration will enable us to maintain and improve the quality and equity of our offer to all children, staff, parents and our communities through the considered review of our educational provision and safeguarding mechanisms. 

The Trust’s quality assurance framework offers high levels of challenge, accountability and support to schools so that all those involved in Achievement through Collaboration achieve high qualitative and quantitative standards.