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Belonging: Roseacre Primary Academy

Welcome to Roseacre Primary Academy

At Roseacre Primary Academy we foster a shared vision of “Excellence for All – Excellence from All”, encouraging every child and adult to give their best and expect the best in return. Shared responsibility and ownership from staff, parents, children, the Governors and the wider community is encouraged.

The ethos of the academy is evident as you walk around the school, take in the displays, soak up the atmosphere and speak to children and staff. The Roseacre Values of Respect, Excellence, Determination, Tolerance, Courage and Honesty are high profile and children’s achievements are detailed and celebrated in weekly assemblies. The Roseacre Expectations ensure that our high expectations of behaviour are clear and that every child has the chance to make appropriate choices and achieve.

We capture the hearts and minds of the children by offering a balanced, broad and relevant curriculum that enables all children to access quality learning opportunities and promotes their intellectual, personal, social, physical, moral, spiritual and cultural development.

Roseacre Primary Academy is committed to developing a sense of personal value and responsibility in our children; a respect for the feelings and rights of others and an awareness of community and the responsibilities of good citizenship in the 21st century.

Roger Farley