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Join the Trust


AtC has well-established principles that underpin our work and decision-making in all schools:

  • Children come first; they are at the heart of all that we do

  • Positive relationships underpin all our work

  • High expectations, no barriers – everybody can achieve

Working together for the benefit of pupils provides advantages in access to ideas and expertise from a larger group of practitioners and leaders.  Work between schools in AtC supports professional development and school improvement.

Support for schools in human resources, finance and premises form part of the core offer to schools in addition to coordinators of math, English and  emotional health and well-being.

AtC recognises the individual character of schools that pupils, parents and their community value highly.  As such, cultural autonomy remains with each school in order to meet the needs of their pupils and their community.  The ability to determine the intent and implementation of the curriculum at school level is vital to the success of the school.

AtC is keen to develop partnerships with schools who want to work in collaboration to improve the quality of education for pupils.  If you share our outlook we would welcome developing a partnership with you that could lead to joining the Trust.

What’s the Process?


Step 1: Register your interest
You may register your interest in joining the AtC Trust on the DfE website. Once registered, the AtC will begin consultation with the executive team.

Step 2: Application to convert
The Local Governing Body will pass an agreement for academy conversion. The school will submit a formal application to the DfE, requesting to convert.

Step 3: Due Diligence
To ensure the AtC Trust is the right match for your school, we look at individual elements. These include: Financial, Teaching and Learning, Leadership and Governance, Legal and Operational.

Step 4:  Officially become a school part of the AtC Trust
The school will become part of the AtC Trust, with full access to all the benefits and services it has to offer.

For more information about joining the Achievement Through Collaboration Trust, please email: