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Collaboration: Research and Development

Digital Innovation

Over the past decade, studies have shown that Technology and digital infrastructures can be one of the most influential factors in improving educational outcomes for individuals and organisations. As we march towards what is potentially a radically different future, AtC is dedicated to ensuring our schools, our staff and our learners are ready. How we upgrade our schools and our learning ecosystems through the use of technology is a leading focus in our organisation as we fully understand the value of preparing for the future of education.

Familiar Innovation

We love helping our schools find new ways to work with the things they’ve already got. Too much of school improvement focuses on “starting again”. At AtC we believe that familiar innovation is one of the most valuable and practical approaches to school improvement. Instead of taking an entirely new approach, we work with leaders and teachers to reimagine or amend what they already have so that they are able to maximise outcomes and efficacy in lots of different areas. Our commitment to reducing workload and supporting staff wellbeing is part of the work we do with familiar innovation and sensible solution finding.


We take a scientific approach to learning within our Trust and invest heavily in training staff to have expertise in the science of cognition. As an organisation we are committed to conducting evidence based research to find solutions to the barriers and critical challenges many of our learners face. Lots of our schools contribute to national research projects as well as using our own case study model to deepen our understanding of best practice. As a Trust, we also draw on existing, high quality and credible research so we are at the forefront of excellent educational practices that can be shared with staff in schools and across learning and subject communities.

Previous Research and Development

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