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8 March, 2024
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ATC continues its contributions to important sector research


We are delighted to announce that following our ongoing collaborations with the Carnegie School for Education at Leeds Beckett University, ATC Trust has been invited to contribute to a much awaited publication of Coaching with Purpose: A Guide for Every Educator by Professor Rachel Lofthouse, Trista Hollweck, and Jasen Booton


Why ‘Coaching with Purpose’?


There are now lots of education settings adopting coaching approaches to support teachers, leaders and students.  Many coaching models exist, some of which are attached to specific professional development programmes, and some of which are commercially branded.  Our interest is in how coaching in education becomes aligned with purpose and how organisations and individuals develop nuanced purposeful practice over time.  We are interested in values, policies and practices and how these interact.  To this end we are co-authoring a new book and our writing is based on existing literature, our own experiences and new evidence from practice. This is not a book with a sales pitch. We know that we need authentic insights from practitioners – and this is where you come in. 

(Rachel Lofthouse)

ATC Trust will contribute to the case studies included in the book and through these contributions secure our fellowship to the work being done at Leeds Beckett. We believe strongly in the value of evidence based research across our organisation and we’re also happy with the best practice taking place within our Trust schools to further advance education as a whole. 

Release date TBC. 

Image above: Leeds Beckett