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Update: Vision 2030 our Sustainable Schools Mission: 

Announcing our Trust Wide Sustainability Goals

Awareness, Agency, Actions

What are we doing as an organisation to meet the challenges facing generations of the future? 

Our Goals

Food Sources (SDG 2, 3, 10, 12)

To contribute to eradicating hunger and promoting health and wellbeing through food banks, green pantries and other food source facilities based in all of our schools. To actively reduce food waste within our organisations and seek to produce sources of food where possible and to manage responsible consumption across our schools. 

Sustainable Choices (SDG 7,9,11)

Our commitment to climate action including the reduction of emissions associated with our estate, supply chain and engaging staff and students about making more sustainable choices – including travel, use of materials and our commitment to recycling. 

Environments (SDG 11, 12,13 )

We are dedicated to supporting our schools to enhance their school environments and champion projects to support re-wilding, growing trees and orchards maintaining and creating habitats for wildlife and utilising and celebrating the importance of green spaces.

Education (SDG 3,4,5,10)

We aim to develop the quality of education our pupils receive in relation to climate change and sustainability, bringing a conscious awareness to our learning and our actions and educating students to understand the impact of sustainability and climate action. We aim to include broader opportunities such as forest schools, beach schools, local, national and international projects pertaining to SGDs as well as supporting opportunities for Duke of Edinburgh Awards etc. 

Student Action (SDG 4,5,13,16)

Student Action and Climate Leadership is at the heart of our Vision 2030 and the creation of our Trust Awards serves to provide opportunities for all of our students to create and participate in projects that can have a positive impact on their community and the wider world. Our Awareness, Agency and Action formula should support our students to understand that not only does education matter on  a personal level, it can also make a positive and real difference to the world. 

Over the next two years, we aim to:

  •  Establish a leadership team with representatives from across the organisation dedicated to making decisions about sustainability and climate change and championing what goes on in schools day-to-day. 
  • Ensure ‘climate action planning and sustainability’ becomes a statutory and regular agenda item for meetings at all levels of the organisation. 
  • The central team will sign up to the National Education Nature Park and Climate Action group to connect to a network with information and guidance on what we as an organisation can do.
  • We will conduct a comprehensive review of emission and consumables across our estate and create a detailed action plan and policy of how we might reduce and improve this data in line with our Vision 2030 goals
  • Engage young people in the process of climate action and sustainability by launching the TRUST Awards programme in all of our schools and connecting our young people to a network of professionals and peers who can raise awareness and educate our pupils to make positive changes and decisions. The Trust Awards will also bring about action projects to help meet our sustainability goals and these will be celebrated and promoted on national and international platforms – connecting our young people to a global conversation about climate action. . 
  • To explore with all school leaders the role, place and purpose of our Vision 2030 in ensuring our quality of education strategy supports schools to deliver curriculums which provide a deep understanding of, and the skills to support,  climate action and sustainability.
  • To be a public advocate and sector leader in this field, sharing our vision, mission and journey with colleagues from the Education sector and beyond, using platforms such as education festivals, conferences and networking committees.