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Welcome from the CEO

CEO Jane Chambers

A Multi Academy Trust is a charity with a single purpose- to advance education for the public benefit.
But, if every Trust has the same single purpose, what is it that sets Achievement through Collaboration apart from other Trusts? What is our promise to our children, staff, parents and communities? How do we ensure that children attending an AtC school are receiving a better education than they would have had should their school not be a member of our Trust?

Achievement through Collaboration is a Trust with a purpose! We want our children, our staff and our schools to Achieve, Belong and Collaborate.  

To achieve our purpose, we know there are things we need to get right!

Through a clear definition and articulation of the values and beliefs of Achievement through Collaboration, we’ve built an organisation with children at the heart of everything we do. Our schools have the individuality to make the right choices for their pupils, staff and communities within a culture of collaboration.  

Our Trust Board owns the strategic plan, holding the executive team to account to deliver it whilst delegating the correct things to the Local Governing Bodies.  LGBs are supported to build their role around the children, parents and staff of their individual school whilst expressing the “we” of the Trust. 

Key to maintaining our successful educational standards is a clear trust wide school improvement strategy/plan that meets the needs of every school wherever they are on their journey. Our Trust Wide strategy for capturing the most effective practice and transmitting it between more classrooms is in place and underpinned by a workforce talent management strategy that facilitates staff development and deployment.  

A strong central team connects the academies enabling leaders and teachers to concentrate on educational delivery. Achievement through Collaboration is financially stable which enables the strategic allocation of resources that enables standards to be maintained and improvements to be achieved.

We believe that all children, staff and schools benefit from belonging to a family of schools within a strong collaborative multi-academy trust. We are an outward organisation, we embrace innovation and opportunities that benefit our pupils. AtC has invested in staff to build capacity to collaborate with other schools and we are now actively looking to grow further.

If you share our values and are interested in joining one of our schools as a member of staff or your school joining our Trust, we look forward to hearing from you.

Jane Chambers


Achievement through Collaboration Trust